Youth Training is customized to the needs of the individual youth. Listed below are ten services that we may provide if applicable.

Tutoring, study-skills training, and instruction to help the youth complete secondary school

If a student is struggling in a particular subject such as math or English, our tutors will work one-on-one to help the student improve their grades. Tutors and Career Specialists will provide encouragement and training to youth who are considering dropping out of school.

Alternative secondary school

For youth who are not enjoying a successful experience in "traditional" mainstream academic programs, Career Specialists may assist in completing the applications for local "alternative" schools.

Summer Employment Opportunities

Youths who show progress during the school year may be selected to work with an employer for several weeks during the summer.

Paid/unpaid work experiences (internships and job shadowing)

Work experience is a planned, structured learning experience that takes place in a workplace for a limited period of time. It is designed to enable the youth to gain exposure to the world of work and its requirements.

Occupational skills training

Out-of-school youth may be interested in a career that requires occupational specific training at a technical college or private proprietary school. Career Specialists will assist the students in applying for federal aid and lottery funding.

Comprehensive guidance and counseling

A counseling/guidance session is provided to help a youth resolve problems that would impact their WIA services, returning to or staying in secondary or post-secondary education, training for employment, finding employment or employment retention.

Leadership development

Leadership development training is a structured curriculum that promotes citizenship and leadership developments to encourage responsibility, employability, and other positive social behaviors.

Support services

Younger youth may earn monetary awards for achievements and participation in WIA related activities such as participating in a work, education, and/or training experience. Older youth may be eligible for transportation or child care assistance.

Adult mentoring

Mentoring is a structured one-on-one relationship between an adult and a youth participant for at least 12 months. The adults assist youth in developing a positive sense of self and pride in accomplishments and will provide support towards participants' goals of employment and life-long learning.

Follow-up services

All WIA youth participants will receive "follow-up" calls from WIA program representatives for up to 12 months after exiting WIA. Post-employment follow-up services are designed to ensure job retention, wage gain, and career advancement.