The SC Works Centers in Bennettsville, Chesterfield, Hartsville, Dillon, Florence, and Marion offer easy access to the information, services, training and other tools you need to enter and/or move ahead in the workforce. Whether you are in transition, in school, laid off from your job, unemployed or even underemployed, we can help you get a solid footing for your next position or career or ultimately connect you to a job. Our services help you find out what your skills are, provide assistance with a job search, and develop a plan to get you back to work!
Three levels of service are made available through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The basic or core level of services is available to everyone on a self-serve basis, while intensive services and training services may be available to Adults (those 18 and older) and Dislocated Workers (laid off workers) who cannot find a suitable job after using core services or are working but still need additional skills.
It’s important to remember that finding a first job OR a new job takes a lot of work, energy, and patience. A successful job search depends on you and your commitment to do the work it takes every step of the way. Our staff is here to support you in all aspects of your job search.