The Pee Dee Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is a volunteer group of citizens from business, labor, education, and community organizations dedicated to creating a world-class workforce development system in Chesterfield, Darlington, Dillon, Florence, Marion and Marlboro Counties.
The Pee Dee WIB is involved in economic development activities in each county. Below are services supported by the Pee Dee WIB.


Job Registration & Application Pre-Screening

List your open positions with our SC Works Center. Before a job seeker is sent for an interview, a Business Services Representative will meet with the applicant to determine if he/she meets the specification set forth in the job order. The BSR will review the job opportunity and responsibilities with the applicant and if it is determined that the applicant will be a suitable match for the position, we will call you to arrange an appropriate interview time.

On-the-Job Training (OTJ)

The On-the-Job Training (OTJ) program is designed to allow employers to hire, train, and retain employees in full-time permanent jobs. One of the advantages of utilizing the OTJ program is that WorkKeys “profiling” of the open position will be conducted by our WorkKeys profilers at no charge to the employer. We’ll pre-screen the applicants and arrange interviews. Once you make your hiring selection, an OTJ contract will be negotiated that will pay 50% of your new employee’s hourly wage. If you are interested in OTJ, complete the applicable information requested below and one of our professional Business Services Representative will be in touch with you.

Incumbent Worker Training (IWT)

The purpose of Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) is to provide resources for employers to train currently employed workers in an effort to keep businesses and workers competitive. It addresses training needed to meet changing skill requirements caused by new technology, retooling, new product lines, and new organizational structuring. If you are interested in receiving information on the IWT program, Contact Diane Herrington, Business and Industry Coordinator

Resource Lab

Each One Stop is equipped with a state-of-the-art resource lab. Available are computer workstations with Internet access, fax services, copy machines and laser printers. Software is available to upgrade basic reading and math skills and other basic workplace skills. Your existing employees can utilize the resource lab to complete a WorkKeys assessment to determine skill levels or utilize KeyTrain software to improve these skills. It may be necessary to schedule such services so contact should be made with the appropriate One Stop Manager.

Labor Laws & Unemployment Insurance Information

S.C. Department of Employment & Workforce provides information including the unemployment forms, program information, new employer registration, reporting requirements, FAQs, etc. For more information about Unemployment Insurance,

Plant Closings/Layoffs

Facing layoffs or closing? Our Rapid Response team can provide immediate, on-site downsizing assistance for your business. Call Gregory Fluke at 1-866-721-7867 (TTY: 711) with questions and requests for more specific information regarding the state Rapid Response Assistance program.  


If your business is willing to host an intern, paid or not-for-pay, who either has experience in your line of business or is taking a course of study in preparation for entry to the workforce, please notify Diane Herrington, our Business and Industry Coordinator of the available positions. She can be reached at or 843-687-0091.


WorkKeys, developed by American College Testing (ACT), is a national system, used by employers world-wide to identify workplace skills that employees need to be successful on the job and to determine where additional training is needed to build a high performance workforce. The WorkKeys system determines an individual’s level of proficiency in a given skill area and identifies pools of qualified applicants who have achieved the levels of proficiency needed to perform a job.

The South Carolina Business Resource Guide

The South Carolina Business Resource Guide is designed to provide all types of businesses with tools and resources - including access to a variety  of state, regional and local outlets - to increase their opportunity for business success.  The South Carolina Department of Commerce Small Business and Existing Industry Team supports many aspects of the state's existing and small business community including: export development, recycling market development, a Small Development office, supplier development assistance and comprehensive support to existing industry.  This guide provides information that companies can employ for immediate results.  It includes basic descriptions of the resources and specific contact information.  The guide is laid out to address important elements of business success in each section, paired with supporting resources.